Rugby Union

by Curry
July 7th, 2006

I've been a moderate fan of televised rugby ever since Norah and I lived in Pittsburgh.  We would occasionally flip through the channels, and see the Super 12 in action, so we'd watch it.  I kinda got hooked.

When I lived in Northern Virginia, I saw that there was a local rugby team.  "No familiarity with rugby necessary; all levels of player welcome."  I checked into it, but it was really too far away for me to get involved with.

So, when I moved to DC, I figured, "There might be a team close by to my new place."  I looked into it, and found a team that practiced only 15 minutes from my house.  I signed up, and went to a practice.  It was a lot of fun, so I convinced Joe to go to the next one.

Joe and I practiced, and the team veterans told us all about the tournament they had just been in.  It was called the Bingham Cup, and it was apparently named after a rugby player who was killed on September 11.

After practice, we went out to a bar, which is the team's main sponsor.  We stood around, drinking and eating, and I was thinking to myself, "This is absolutely a gay bar."

We left, and I said to Joe, "We might have joined the gay rugby team."

He said, "Looks like we might of.  I hope we didn't.  Let's not talk about it any more, and pretend it's not really happening."

That sounded fine to me.  Our self-imposed ignorance was shattered when the team sent out an email newsletter with this blurb in it:

    D.C.’s gay rugby team scores big at international tournament
    Washington Blade, June 9, 2006 - The Washington Renegades, D.C.’s predominantly gay rugby club, is living proof of athletic prowess in a rough-and-tumble sport. The Renegades just returned with two third-place prizes from the 2006 Mark Bingham Cup tournament, an international gay rugby tournament, held this year in New York City over Memorial Day weekend.

So, there it was.  We had joined the gay rugby team.