Christmas Plant!

by Norah
December 22nd, 2006

The Legend of the Christmas Plant

'Twas three weeks before Christmas and all through the apartment Christmas decorating was being done.  The young lady whose home it was stared despondently at one corner.  It seemed so empty and sad and in need of some Christmas cheer.  What could fill this corner with happiness and glee?

The young lady sat and stared and hoped.  She dreamed that something beautiful would fill this space and bring Christmas into her home.  Then she realized what was needed here.  A Christmas tree!

So the young lady and her husband piled into their tiny car, off in search of the Christmas tree!  They drove quickly around the city, happy that their google maps map was actually leading them on their way.  Too many times had they tried to find themselves a beautiful tree to only be led to a dangerous land bereft of Christmas cheer.

But this time they were successful in their hunt.  They were there!  The place where their hope would be found.  The land of the most beautiful trees ever!  Home Depot.

It was with excitement and nerves that the couple hopped out of their car and went in search of the glorious tree that would make their home feel like a Christmas paradise.  They rushed into the store and skipped over to the Garden Department to look at trees.  And then they looked for the trees.  And looked for the trees.  Where were the trees!?!

Deciding that their Christmas cheer would not be the same if it was found for them by some miserable Home Depot employee they decided to walk more around the store.  But despite finding some lovely clamps and a purple pot they could not find a tree.  Oh, what were they to do?

The once happy couple drug themselves back to their car and tried to decide what to do.  Should they brave the terrifying traffic that would be awaiting them at this time of day, or should they find another way.  But what other way could fill their lives with the happiness and lights that had to be there to really make this the Christmas season?

It was then that the young man had a brilliant idea.  One that would change their lives for the better.

“What about that plant?” he asked.

“What plant?” the young lady asked, confused and trying to overcome the grief of the lack of tree caused.

“The one in the corner.  You know, the corner that you want to put the tree in?”

“Oh that plant.  What about it?”  the young lady wanted to know.

“We could decorate that.  It is already sitting nicely in that corner.”

“That’s an idea,” the young lady agreed.  “Let’s do that!”

It was with renewed happiness and energy that the young couple returned to their small apartment and began to untangle the Christmas lights for their tree.  Once the lights were untangled the couple looked at each other with excitement shining in their eyes.  It was together that they leaped towards the tree and began decorating with reckless abandon.

Quickly the plant was covered in lovely lights and the Christmas spirit filled the apartment.  The young couple looked each other in the eye, the happiness of the season filling each other.

And it was all because of the glory of the Christmas plant!

Merry Christmas!